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venerdì 26 giugno 2009

Morto Michael Jackson Scompare un Mito

Michael_Jackson is Dead

Scompare un vero numero uno della musica mondiale. In anzitempo della sua Tournnè programmata muore con un attacco cardiaco una Star. Questo è veramente un momento molto importante per la musica. Non è possibile...non credo ancora possa esser vero!!!!!!

AROUND THE FAN all'Ospedale - Hundreds of fans and curious people have gathered outside the hospital meanwhile dell'UCLA Los Angeles where in the early afternoon (local time) Michael Jackson, was transferred by emergency then deceased, as reported by the press Use. Inverted helicopter cameras of American television networks sent live images of the area, and we see many police cars that already have closed the area to traffic and have taken measures to 'filter' of cars and direct people to parking of the large university hospital. Yellow ribbons with the words "Police line - Do not cross' has been placed to demarcate the perimeter hospital.

LOS ANGELES - Michael Jackson is dead. The news, first circulated only by website TMZ was also boosted by the Los Angeles Times and dall'Associated Press and later by other media. A few hours later was confirmed also by the health authorities.

THE SHELTER - The singer was admitted to hospital emergency at 12.21 local time (the 21.21 in Italy). According to initial reports, in the press the U.S., the singer, 50 years, had suffered a cardiac arrest at his home in Holmby Hills in the hills of Los Angeles. The paramedics who had had emergency procedures for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation, but the singer had already stopped breathing. Jackson's brother, Ransy, reported that Jackson has collapsed suddenly at home. It was immediately called an ambulance, but was not clear how much time has passed from the time when Jackson was caught by illness when he was carried out cardiac massage. The paramedics continued the resuscitation attempt outside the villa of the singer. The most accredited hypothesis at the moment is that dell'infarto, although there is no confirmation from the hospital.

Momento importante per la Musica Pop. Scompare un Grande.

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